Sand fleas worse in Roatan than other Caribbean islands?

Hello all!

Just got back from our vacation in Roatan a few days ago. It was truly amazing. The one complaint I have is the sand fleas!!

I was just wondering, does anyone think they’re worse in Roatan than any other Caribbean island? I’ve been to a few other islands and don’t remember them being so bad, or hardly remember them at all.

The first day in Roatan we got attacked badly. Then we figured out to use coconut oil.

My husband somehow is still getting new bites. Is it possible that we brought the sand fleas home with us? Should we be worried that they’re in our bed and on our couch?

I just noticed a new bite on the back of my leg as well.

We have a trip back to Roatan booked for NYE and are really concerned that the sand fleas will ruin it. We thought we’d be getting a lot of beach time but we ended up doing other things because of these pests.

I think its that time of the year-- I was there last year at this time and they were horrible. Had numerous bits with many getting infected with boils-- not fun :frowning: The first time in January of 2020 was perfect but June of 2021 was not-- Beautiful beaches but those critters can really spoil the moment-- Good luck to you

prepare your skin with OFF green can with DEET. it repels the sand flies…but reapply once you go into the water.

Are they not as bad in Jan Feb March and maybe April?

That has been my experience-- Hopefully the locals would know more ( seems like the dark skin ppl don’t get effected as much) I did hear the locals have special salve or oil that helps them from biting-- I found that out AFTER the fact :slight_smile: Good luck --enjoy the moments

I agree with Carol. This OFF (green can) with Deet is the only thing that I can count on to not get bit on my sunrise beach walks.

Edit to add: You are likely getting bitten by sand flies. Per Mr. Google: Sand flies are often confused with sand fleas, but sand fleas only hop and bite your ankle area, while sand flies can fly and bite you anywhere on the body .