Palmetto Bay sand fleas?

We are looking at renting a house in Palmetto Bay in December. However, I heard that sand fleas are a big problem. But I’ve also heard they are common pretty much everywhere on the island Any suggestions on how to confirm or refute the rumors? Any advice is appreciated.

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No. They are not a “big problem.” - They can be an issue if you are not prepared. Apply repellent before you are out over the sand and that alone will make a difference.

Yes, Sand flies are common all over. However, there are more sandy areas on the northern shore of Roatan which is also the leeward side of the island. Sand flies are most common around sandy areas with little wind.

Take preventive action and you’ll be alright. Always carry repellent with you and apply it regularly. An olive oil and vanilla mix is an alternative to using traditional bug spray.

Prepare like you would during a visit to any tropical destination. Coconut Oil is a good preventive measure too.

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The amount of sea grass washed ashore determines if sand fleas are a problem. Normally there isn’t a lot of sea grass on the beach so sand fleas are not an issue. After a storm, more sea grass is washed ashore and the property management team does not have enough equipment so it might takes 2-3 days to clean up the sea grass. During this time, the sand fleas can be murder. Otherwise, Palmetto Bay is a very nice place if you want isolation and it has more of a true island feel to it compared to other resorts. We stayed there a few times and really enjoyed it.


Hola! I live in Palmetto Bay and on the island. Promise Sand fleas are everywhere on the island. I use Coconut oil in general and if I am out at sunrise or sunset I apply the coconut oil then spray the bug spray after. Any other questions please ask. I read above someone says the property management team. Maybe they are referring to our HOA staff. Not sure. But we have a tractor that ranks the seagrass up and the sand each morning - the beach is gorgeous.!

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What are some of the recommended sprays to use for bugs? Someone had posted a link some time ago but I cannot find it again. Will be there at the end of this month and need to know what to bring that works, is good and does not stink or small like bug spray. Tall order I know.

Thank you.


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Hello @wheels48 - @Carol_Luber states you should wear Off with Deet 25% and prevent the bites. Afterbite to relieve itching.

Bringing Bulk Frog with 50 SPF. Good? Not sure about the DEET. Need to look into the “After” spray. Advise? There on the 26th.

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