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I’m coming to Roatan in Jan to enjoy life. I’m semi retired, coming by myself to have fun, scuba (never done before) fish snorkeling,etc-- You get my drift–do things I have never done. Don’t know yet where to stay or how long–want to stay in several places though-- Be there 10 full days!!! Any suggestions, where to start and where to check in when I arrive. I’m open to almost anything–coming to have fun in the later part of my life while I’m still able. Looking forward to hearing from someone :slight_smile:


Greetings, If you are coming to Roatan is a must you visit our place: Little French Key, where you will be able to take a guided snorkel tour to the reef, scuba dive, horseback adventure, and much more activities. We offer packages for the day as well as suites for lodging. If you want to know more about us please send us an email to: and feel free to visit our website as well:



I would highly recommend getting to Little French Key as mentioned above. It’s one of Roatan’s premier destinations on the island and it’s basically exactly what you want when you think of Caribbean tropical destinations.

We live on the East End of the island and personally think that everyone should experience the East End when they visit the island. The East End maintains a pristine jungle paradise that I don’t think you can get anywhere else. The culture and locals are amazing and it’s the best place to see Roatan from a local perspective.

Let me know when you plan on traveling to Roatan and maybe we can meet up. We’d love to show you the East End!



Hey Jim thanks for the info-- I would like to meet up and have you show me the East End—I’ve read about it along with a ton of other things-- I’m arriving on the 10th of Jan till Jan 21-- I have 3 nights at Mr. Tucan hotel, haven’t booked anything else till I get my feet wet. I want to go scuba, zip line, snorkeling, all which I have never done. I was looking into taking a ferry to Utila… I’m kinda open to all suggestions. There is soooooo much to do in a short time. I’m traveling by myself so I have no one to please but myself :slight_smile: Thanks for reaching out-- Will be in touch

thank you


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Hi Vern. I’m Tom ill be on Roatan at the same time as you. Also semi retired, going down solo, want to scuba, zip line, buggy tour, utila etc and of course scouting some R. E. (biz and personal). Want to meet up and compare notes? Maybe share some costs traveling around the island? Have a beer?

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Leaving for Roatan in the early am. Love to learn and see the east end, property for sale too

Walt…staying at Fantasy Island

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Hey Tom sounds like a plan–share a few thoughts and see where the island leads-- Where are you coming from, me Yelm Washington bout 60 miles south of Seattle. Will be in touch–thanks for the reply

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Sounds like a party! :slight_smile: Ok we are back on the island so if anyone wants to meet up and see the East End or just hang out, shoot me an email at

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Saw a post on the forum. Where on the East End do you live? My family is doing research on different areas to move to and we are very interested in the more non-touristy areas. Do you mind a few questions?


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Hi Jim - I just sent you an email also.
We are coming in January 2021 - interested in the East End ~ Helene to be precise.
Any information, insight, and recommendations would be appreciated.
If any other East Enders are out there, you can reach me at - if you don’t get a reply soon after sending (spam filter is pretty tight), you can also reach me at

Thank You - Mike & Cathy

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