Credit Card & Towels at LFK

We have a reservation for today, but can we pay credit card when we arrive or do you only accept cash there? Also, do you provide towels or do we need to bring them?

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Bring towels. We paid in full when we reserved so not sure about the other.

For anyone seeing this in the future, I believe we brought our own towels. We paid cash when we got there. I’ve always heard, never use a credit card at any port.

Depends where you want to use your card. We have always used our at the resorts/hotels as well as reputable restaurants. We use cash for small vendors and stuff like that.

Getting supplies you forgot isn’t the easiest, including beach towels. Not plentiful there.

You can pay with cash or cc at the front desk; you can also book online here :point_down:

Towels are for rent, but you can bring yours too.