Little French Key Rumors

Traveling to Roatan and would like information about Little French Key, hearing the Island has been taken over by a hostile group. Would like to know if this true or not and if not what would be the most secure way to send payment?

Hello @smsantamaria01

Yes, there has been a change of administration. The best way is to pay upon arrival. However, there is more information here check this thread below

If you are interested in Scuba, please contact at for more information

avoid LFK…even with “new” management, this tourist trap is not operating legally nor with the animals best interests… if you pay before, you will lose your money. If you insist on still going, pay at the door. No one will be there but at least you’ll see the corruption with your own eyes.

Consider the source…you’re talking with the wife. and more people have posted here about reservations not honored, refunds NOT given, phone calls and emails NOT answered…you seem to have lucked out. meanwhile the place is illegally run, the harm to the animals is immense and you have a right to your opinion as well. I’ll leave it there.

Thank you Helen, I have heard the same thing. Its a divorce and many people are going everyday and it beautiful.

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Carol, you were right. Just found out when they arrived, they did Not honor my payment, and made them pay AGAIN. They wanted to go so they didn’t argue! It left them with no money to do anything

Guess what? Just found out that they didn’t honor my payment and made my son pay Again. $440 total!! I’m livid because I have emails from Larissa saying she would honor my payment

It does not make me happy that they are still bilking money from trusting tourists…however perhaps next time you’ll take advice from an ex-pat who’s been here long enough to know what the truth is.

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