Expat Community Theatre

In the early planning stages of a Pensioner and his dog retiring to Roatan. I would expect my actual move to be somewhere between mid-2022 to 2024, so I’m just starting to look at real estate, land for sale, etc. I’m an engineer/construction manager, so building my own home with local labor might be attractive. Blah blah blah…get to the point, Nub.

  1. In some of my research, I came across a short reference to expat Community Theatre (NFI). I am a huge CT buff, having acted, built sets, written, directed, produced hundreds of shows/events. That might be a big draw for where I would choose to live. Are there any community theatre groups (expat or local) on Roatan that anyone is aware of?
  2. Is there anyone who would want to reach out and be a penpal and answer the inevitable questions I will have in the upcoming months? Not interested in hiring an attorney (at this point), but just to begin establishing some contacts/friends. Thanks.

My husband & I have just received our Retirement Visa and will be living on Roatan hopefully by December. We are currently in Miami waiting for our furniture coming from Hawaii and from Maryland. Then they will be on cargo ship to Roatan. So I am also a newbie but I’d be glad to answer any questions that I can. Contact island.gal@mjtc.com.


When I first arrived in 2008, there was a small theatre group led by Penny Leigh. She has a boutique store in West Bay Mall called Penelope’s. But that group soon faded away. Not much interest in the attending now much interest in involvement was the downfall. Alas, poor Yorick!

Nub you can write me at caryluber@yahoo.com for penpal Q&A. one point is that the Roatan you see today is not what it will look like in 2 years…lots of construction; lots of new arrivals and inevitably things will change. Good luck.