Think of moving to Roatan

My wife and I are thinking of moving to Roatan and she has concerns that we won’t have any friends and that outsiders aren’t really welcomed.

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We are in the process of building a house on Tamarind Drive. We have visited the Island many times, for 2 weeks at a time. We have met many friendly, nice, welcoming people.
There will always be personality conflicts but between the locals and expats we have met and socialised with, very, very few.

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We have lived here for 6 months now. We have many expat friends and even a few locals. We find folks to be very nice and welcoming. Finding community is not a problem. :slight_smile:


We just purchased a home in the Luna Beach community. Most communities are filled with expats. There are tons of locals around of course as well. We have never felt unwelcomed. And after one day at out new place i was having morning coffee with my neighbor. BTW - we are 47(ish).


We are building in Blue Roatan. Have you started construction already?

The house has just been finished.

Congratulations. Not sure where exactly you are but we maybe we will be neighbors. I am having trouble getting progress reports on how constuction is going so not sure when the villa will be done.

Tamarind Drive is halfway between West Bay and West End. On the main road it is close to the Roatan Rum Factory.

Yes we are building off Tamarind drive also. In the Blue Roatan Developement

Yes, of course. Ours is the tall grey house uphill of and next to the Tree House.

Are you guys there full time? We will have to get together when we are down there. Maybe July.

We won’t be there until November, unfortunately.

Just go out and meet some people. Went i went to Roatan i met lots of people at the beach. Yes theres those weird ones but thats everywhere. Youll find friends. Social interaction is the key :key: