Future move to Roatan from Canada

We’re recently retired in western Canada and seriously considering the move. Always looking for as much info on a few things:
-14 yo with 5 years schooling left. Any thoughts on private schools?
-one of us requires periodical infusions for a long existing condition. Can the local healthcare handle shipping of meds and delivery in a clinic?
-we have dogs to bring. Any insight on animal care and owning on the island?
-we also have a couple of classic cars to bring. Any info on shipping, licensing, insurance, and any associated costs?

So many questions but if some has moved under the same circumstances please let us know! Looking forward to being there and outta the snow!!

Nuna academy is a good private school. Bilingual as well. But for your health condition can be tough to live there since their hospital and clinics may not have sufficient equipment for certain treatments. But pretty sure you can import the cars there as well i dont know the info on that one but with the shippin meds for you could also be risky for the wait times and yes they do have Vets here.

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