Veterinary Medicine

Hi, I am a licensed Veterinary Technician from California with 30 yrs experience and was wondering what the Veterinary Hospitals were like and if there would be job opportunities in this field? I know there is one in Coxen hole and I remember something in West End?? Any help would be appreciated as I hope I can transition to Roatan soon!

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Miss Peggy at Clinica Esperanza in Sandy Bay may be can help you with information

Maybe Cemesa private hospital in French Harbor maybe can help or direct you

Few local vets on Roatan Island most are from mainland Honduras.
Vets come from USA once a year to the Island to do free vets service to the less fortunate folks that are unable to afford to pay vets service.
It would be best to get your residency and open your own veterinary Medicine clinic just make sure all of any red tape obstacles is cleared before you start so no one can be able to give you a hard time setting up shop and service. Would be best to buy property or a lot before setting up shop rentals are expensive and the business is not that active or that busy daily best to have your own place and avoid monthly rentals.

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