Global Cyclists on a Central America Tour coming to Roatan

Hello Roatan,
I am looking forward to my 4th visit to Roatan in February.

My question is: Brian and Janet are friends of mine that are cycling world travelers. They will be cycling Central America in February while I am staying in West Bay, and they had a crazy, but fun, idea. A cycling visit to Roatan. I am wondering if someone on this forum can host and/or knows of a possible place to pitch a tent about February 24th for a few days? Perhaps even close to West End/Bay. Searching “Brian Lucido” on Google is a good way to learn more about Brian and Janet.

They are a mature, respectful, and kind couple.

Thank you for the consideration,
Mark Glenesk


Hello there,

There is an available apartment with a spare room in French Harbour. Happy to host them for a few days. I could PM you more details to make sure it’s a good fit.

Let me know.