Would anyone be Interested in Giving us a Tour and Q&A Session?


Hopeful Expats Coming to Roatan on a Retirement Research Vacation Apr. 8.

My husband and I have been researching retirement locations for many years now, and Roatan is at the top of the list. We finally get to visit in April, and our top priority is to get to know the island and life on the island, as best we can for now, from an expat’s point of view. We would love to know if someone might be interested in meeting up with a couple strangers for a day to show us around and answer our questions? Thank you so much!



I can meet up with you. What dates are you planning on coming to the island?



Thank you @Dani.
@PlanningRetirementRB, Dani is a good guy and knows the island well. Best of all, he moved to Roatan in recent years so his information will be current.
Best of luck to both you.

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Hi Dani. Thank you so much for responding. You’re very kind. We will be in Roatan from April 8 until the 15, so meeting any time between the 9 and the 14 would be great. We’d love to learn more about day-to-day living from someone who knows firsthand. Learning more about such things as banking and monthly costs and grocery shopping and areas to live in than we can on the internet would be an enormous help. We’re truly interested in gaining as much knowledge as possible about the reality of living in Roatan. Let me know when you’re free and we’ll see if we can set something up!



Perfect! Sounds good! I’ll send you a private message with my phone number so you can contact me when you get to Roatan!

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