GYM - Working Out

Hello everyone,

Thought I would start this topic for those on the island or visiting that are looking to continue their gym routine or get started while on vacation. I’m trying to help my buddy Oneal at Active Fitness Center in West End, in the coral building adjacent to Petro Sun gas station.

He just had a baby boy and made this short promo video for him. It’s unlisted currently on my youtube channel until I get some feedback from Oneal and hopefully you folks. Thanks in advance.

Active Fitness Center Video:


Great location. West End Roatan is as good a spot for a gym as any on the island. Tourist and locals alike can benefit from a gym on West End.

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@RoatanExcursions - Over the long haul, it would benefit Oneal to join this community and represent his own business online. Those visiting the site will feel better about corresponding with him directly, in my view.

Thank you for posting on his behalf. You’re an outstanding citizen.

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