Health In Sight Mission of Roatan

Health In Sight Mission of Roatan

Our eye team, serving since 2005, will be in Roatan Jan 25 - Feb 1st, 2020 seeing patients in Oak Ridge and French Cay.

This year we have an Oculoplastic Specialist (orbit and eyelids) who specializes in treating old / new trauma around the eye such as scarring or deformity, congenital eyelid problems, droopy lids, lashes rubbing the eye, difficulty opening or closing the eyes, etc.

If you know of any children (or adults) with any eyelid abnormalities, we would love to have them evaluated.

Please call Gretta at New Life Clinic at 9679-1510 to arrange an appointment.

Thank you and please let me know if you have questions.

Darin K Bowers MD
Health In Sight Mission of Roatan

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Hello there @dbowersmd,

And thank you for getting the word out via about your upcoming Health and Sight Mission Trip.
May we send a photographer to snap a few images of the effort?

Where specifically in Oakridge will you be, what dates?
Where specifically in French Key will you be, what dates?

We’re in full support. We’ve pushed published your announcement on a few local websites which are followed locally. With any luck that will help your team make the most impact.

Published links on ->



Best of Luck. We will contact Gretta ahead of your arrival to see how we may be of service.

Take care.

See below for answers to your questions. we welcome your visit.
Thank you

Darin K Bowers MD

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