Internet Speeds -- 2020 Edition

Looks like the last Internet speeds thread is from 2017-ish…

So, I wanted to ask what’s the latest Internet speeds found in Roatan for 2020? Fingers crossed there’s been some improvement, as most parts of LatAm have seen significant Internet upgrades since 2018.

I’m coming down to Roatan in March and thinking of staying for a bit, but I work full-time online and need a minimum of 8-10 Mbps download speeds to get the job done (

I travel with Google Fi as backup WiFi, which usually pulls 4G speeds. But it’s not something I prefer to use daily.

Saw a website for a Roatan Co-working space, but the site seems to be infected with malware. So not sure if that’s actually open or not.

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.

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Hi Nomada,

So 8-10 mbs is very doable with all the way up to 20 (but there is a price to be paid for that). Also, I believe that if you are able to access the new island fiber network, I have seen quotes up to 50 but can’t imagine what the cost for that speed would be. Hope this helps.

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Hey Blbright,

Appreciate the info. Super helpful. If there’s a new fiber network on the island, then that’s ideal for what I need.

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Me as well. My wife may do some consulting work for her company and she has been working from home since the pandemic began. WiFi capability is a must. Thanks for the post!

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