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Roatan will always hold a special place in my heart. I spent a week there at a Marine Biology Research Camp at Anthony’s Key Resort. It was an amazing week of working with the dolphins and getting certified to scuba dive.

The dolphin experience was my favorite. I have done “Swim with Dolphin” programs in Hawaii & Mexico and the one in Honduras was the best. I loved getting to work behind the scenes with the trainers. It was so nice being in the natural water with the dolphins instead of a big swimming pool, like at many places. I have been back two more times to Roatan on a cruise ship and it is just not long enough. It was so much nicer staying there the whole time, instead of just a few hours to try to see & enjoy everything.


Welcome aboard LadyDanger. Our hope, of course, is that you will make friends here soon. So that, with any luck, your next trip to Roatan will be as memorable as the frist.

Again, welcome.

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If it is ever proven that a good name is truly worth more than gold and silver, you dear, will win the prize.

Bienvenida a Roatan.


Thank you DeepThinker!

Thank you DeepThinker!

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I will combine your two responses.

I couldn’t agree more. And there is a reason for it. Roatan’s dolphin encounter is put on by more than just entertainers. The entire program is run by real pros, real marine biologist.

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