Roatan Tourism Bureau (Memberships)


Memberships Plans are now posted and available for the Roatan Tourism Bureau. Should you have any questions about the benefits that come with an annual membership, please don’t hesitate in letting us know. In the interim, here are a few highlights as they relate to the benefits of joining the Roatan Tourism Bureau:

  • Placement ads for your business on RTB website
  • Placement ads for your business on Roatan.Online website
  • Listed as member in good standing on directories page
  • Promoted weekly on social media platforms
  • Access to Upcoming Events Calendar

The Roatan Tourism Bureau ™ (RTB) is a private, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which aims to encourage and promote the vitality & growth of Roatan’s tourism industry. Promoting Roatan, as a premier travel island destination (both domestically & internationally) is at the center of the Bureau’s principal focus.

You can learn more about these memberships and about the Roatan Tourism Bureau here:


Thank you for sharing this. I will help promote. The new Bureau branding and effort seems like a step in the right direction. Well done.


A++ well done on the “Guide” section of the site. This is a good tool for others who might want to move to Roatan. Well done.

Here is the link:


This is good. Just had a look at the content on your website. It is “meaty”…lots of good information on Roatan. Well done. You’ll be a success.