Roatan Tourism Bureau (New Plans)



The new RTB membership plans range from a FREE offering to plans which include a full marketing strategy.

QUOTE: “We thought it was important to include a free offering so that small local businesses could gain exposure if they prove to have a quality offering which could benefit future visitors to the island of Roatan. We’re proud to be a Bureau, without the Bureaucracy.”



Thank you for the FREE plan options. I will certainly take you up on that. Will send you PM.


The FREE plan appears to be gone (?), FYI…


Yes, correct. Basic plans is $50. We ran a $0 promotion which ended last week. We will run another again soon. The basic plan is still a great value.


Go for it, nothing wrong with trying to collect on a membership. But, the business model is outdated. The better model for online efforts is to become a lead generator for local businesses and get a cut of the bookings. Membership benefits might be hard to quantify to new users. Unless you have a way to “show the numbers” via analytics at the ad level of page level…(?)