Little French Key Silent Survey



LITTLE FRENCH KEY - (Silent Survey)
The following is a SILENT SURVEY. Results from this survey will be kept confidential and are for internal use only. The information we gather from the survey will be used to better curtail future content related to this matter. Thank you for participating in this one question survey.


  • The fire was likely an inside job
  • The fire was likely set by citizen(s) taking matters into their own hands
  • The fire was likely ordered by influential party or individual
  • The fire was likely ordered by a government official or office
  • The fire was an accident

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Not sure what is worse, the options, or the entities listed in the options…wow.


Zero sum game…no winners. Time to move forward and keep the tourist in mind.


One option should have been “ I’m not sure who set the fire but it appears to be arson.”


One thing is for certain on Roatan, if you love Drama, you’ll love it here. In the meantime, you can count me out of this immature equation. Just keep in mind, if men were intended to fight like dogs, we would have longer teeth.


Admittedly…we went back and forward on this one.

On the one end, the reasons you’ve sighted gave us pause.

On the other end we thought a silent survey where usernames would remain anonymous would give us insight into our audience ahead of any public remarks we made across our network.

We also thought a survey would give visitors to our site an outlet to vent, share a constructive discourse, share relevant information, and do this under tempered moderators.

The forum is still looking for its “core following” and it’s “identity” so we tried something scandalous…! - we didn’t know what would come of it. - Then you showed up to give us clarity!

Not sure we would do it again, but hey, who knew Roatainians and Helenians where so spirited? :wink:


I will own this one. I made the final call on going live with the survey.


My wife is a Travel Agent and her and I have been to Little French Key several times. Always an enjoyable time. Good food, good swimming, good care of grounds, good care of animals, etc. What has happened there has turned us off to Roatan and if that is the way LFK is going to be treated then we will not be coming to any of Roatans other attractions. We will be telling others not to come to Roatan and if they do to just stay on the ship. Roatan I would say will be losing many tourist dollars from what has been done at LFK.


We are telling people the same thing.



We love LFK and the animals. We were traumatized by what we saw the animals go through being drugged and dragged away by authorities. The lies posted by the authorities of skin infections and the Jaguars being declawed are horrendous. We have been to LFK many times and there on 8/30/18 I have videos and pictures to prove this to be lies. The government and people associated with them are either being bought off or working together. Nonetheless the animals are suffering as a result of the greed and jealousy.


@CaribbeanCowboy, You are right. We are will do what we can to turn not add any more fuel to the fire.


@Lisa_Moss, for all your public support, THANK YOU. We know it isn’t easy and it doesn’t come without criticism from others.


@hlcclh - Thank you for the kind words.