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To our community, we’ve created this thread for you. In the days to follow, we will post pertinent information about our rebuilding efforts.

We will also keep you in the loop on the recovery of our animals and the progression of environmental initiatives. Lastly, we plan to keep you abreast of the status of any permits & applications we might file with our local authorities.

While Facebook and other venues are powerful and convenient in their own right, we don’t believe all conversations are appropriate for a wider audience, which may include our tourist and visitors.

Instead, in this forum, we’ll address our local community in a more direct and intimate way. We believe divorcing the operational conversation from adverts on our business gives us a more responsible approach in our communication.

Thank you for your continued Support.

Little French Key

Little French Key Visit

Welcome to the Forum, and thank you for the post. Certainly a nice step forward.


I do not understand this letter hope they did get to you.


A large group of us went to Little French Key last week and EXTREMELY enjoyed our visit. We could not have asked for a better day, better servers (they were all AMAZING). I would highly recommend LFK to anyone heading to Roatan!!


I appreciate the letter. Actions speak far louder than words so the jury is still out. LFK will have to work very hard to be transparent.

I do not believe a for-profit business should be asking for money, no one in their right mind has a 3million dollar business without insurance. I believe one of the first things on your agenda should be to return the money which was donated to the Gofundme account.

I understand many people enjoy LFK. I believe LFK should stick with pleasing tourists, NO animals, leave all the animals in far better care. LFK doesn’t have the education or enough space to have both predators and pray.

I greatly look forward to LFK being transparent in all dealings and a community leader by following all the laws and requirements of being guests in Honduras. This nonsense about LFK being a victim is just silliness, LFK is a GUEST in the county of Honduras.

To the Moderators, LFK asked for honest, direct discussion, I do hope everyone agrees I am not breaking any rules by offering my opinion.


@nameless - We understand that regaining your trust wont come easy or overnight. But we will do what is needed get earn back your vote of confidence.



Our first order of business is to team up with a local marine biologist or coral ecologist who can help us implement a sustainable coral conservation program.


Personal attacks are not allowed on this forum. That’s what Facebook is for. Please and thank you.


This is a good idea. Consider the Roatán Marine Park and the Institute for Marine and Scince.


Our first order of business is to team up with a local marine biologist or coral ecologist who can help us implement a sustainable coral conservation program.

This is wonderful news!! LFK has a large mess to clean up, it looks like you are headed in the right direction.

Don’t forget to sort out the animal problem, perhaps a note on your facebook page which says: for the health, safety and sanity of our animals we have decided to allow those with more space and education to care for them. Going forward LFK will focus on guest entertainments and leave animal care to proper rescues. I worry about wildcat and photos ops, wild things should be allowed to be as free as possible.


That was suppose Didn’t get to you


WEEKLY RECAP: 9/14/2018

We are committed to keeping you, our base, informed on any significant developments related to our ongoing operation and Island Paradise. What follows is a short recap and answers to the most common questions we received this week. Thank you for the continued support.



There is a balance in all this. There must be a place to harbor and care for animals who are no longer viable to live in the wild. By contrast, there must also never be a safe heaven for pouching animals and the enslavement of perfectly healthy animals. Both sides have an argument. Neither side is right.




November 1st will be a meaningful update.


What is special about November 1st?


LFK has an operating permit, good for 45 days, which expires or renews on November first. You can learn more about a recent meeting here:


I don’t know all that’s going on with this but, I thought if you’re being cruel or neglecting to animals you get fined and if it’s bad enough you remove the animals. And if someone is not abiding by the law with the permits needed they get fined and maybe shut down until they get the proper permits but you don’t burn the place down especially putting those animals your supposed to be protecting in fatal danger!!!


I hope all is going well on the rebuild. Your little piece of paradise is a treasured part of the community.


There is the possibility the fire was an inside job to start the GOFUNDME page there by stealing from kind people who don’t know the whole story. Cause really, what sane person has over 3mil into a project and doesn’t insure it.

The whole story is long and involved with paperwork to prove the owner is less than honest in his dealings with anyone.

LFK has been getting away with horrbile acts for far to long. They need to shut down the gofundme page and realize they don’t have the training or space to keep any animals.