Little French Key under siege?

Has anyone been seeing the Instagram posts from Little French Key? Does anyone know what the truth is?

Their Instagram is saying that there has been a hostile take over, and that contrary to the rumors, there is no new ownership etc.

They’ve even posted photos showing armed guards, telling people not to come because it’s being run by thugs with guns and there’s no running water etc.

I have my first trip booked to Roatan next month and I’m a little worried about what’s going on in the island.

Little French Key is open. Check this thread below

in other words; stay away from LFK… there are plenty of other attractions with animals, dolphins, sloths, iguanas, monkeys, etc that can amuse you.

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Please do not go there. It is not safe. The new management is drugging the jaguars for photo ops and have killed others. It is heartbreaking how they have destroyed this beautiful island.

I have heard that it is now under NEW management.

None of it makes sense.

“Old owner” still has access to the Instagram but the “new owner” has hacked the website and is stealing people’s money?

Is the island safe? Should I worry that there may be a hostile take over at my hotel?

I’m concerned about my trip and it will be my first time on the island.

no such thing in Roatan…under siege? hostile takeover? silly nonsense. what is illegal and immoral is Little French Key. Plus their issue is a bad divorce and wife and hubby are scrapping at each other regarding the island. That particular business is a fraud with countless reports of stealing deposits and never acknowledging reservations. the rest of your stay is truly paradise.

It’s starting to make a little more sense now with that explanation. Especially given the last Instagram post from Little French Key. It’s really sad what they’re doing to the animals there.

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I have sent emails to both and about my upcoming reservation for 14 people and have not gotten any response. I am not sure how else to get a hold of someone and know that the person I am talking with is real and credible.

@hotdogworm right now she is the only one that can help you.

Just show up, if it’s not a cruise ship day there will be plenty of space on the island. If it is a cruise ship day there will still be plenty of room however your experience will just be with a lot of other people. BTW did you look into Big French Key?

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Thanks. She responded. I didn’t want to just show up with 14 people that have already paid without speaking to her directly. Lol. And yeah, it’s a ship day as we will be on a ship, lol.

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