Looking for used or give away furniture, kitchen ware and such

Pls let me know if you have any furniture, appliances, kitchen ware and such for sale or donation. I am trying to furnish a place but I am on a budget.


What is the latest on this? have you received any of the items you were looking for?

Not really. Thanks for asking.


Hello, what specifically are you looking for? Maybe you can provide a list of the needed items…

Hi and Thanks for the contact. I basically have a bed and mattress, plastic table and chairs, cooktop, few pots and pans., small fridge. Enough to imagine I am camping. So anything is great and appreciated for a decent price.


Sofa, chairs , coffee tables, side tables…( living room furniture any kind)

Dining table and chairs

Cooking pots, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, small kitchen appliances. ( any kitchen equipment)

Stove (electric, but can be propane)


Washing machine

Bed for other bedroom ,mattress, furniture for clothing ( armoir, drawers)


This is the list, the house is bare so anything …

Thanks, and enjoy your day!


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Here is what I found on FB about this location…wish there was more so that we knew who we were dealing with. Is there a website?

Willing to help…but need to know more. Thank you.