Looking to contact cousin, Andrea Nicklas

Andy has been on Roatan for about 20 years, maybe East End. Family has not gotten replies to email for about a year. Does anyone know her?


Can you give us more information? Approximate age? Is she married, have children with her, etc. Where was she last living (specifically)? I live in the east end and would be happy to check around, but I will need a bit more to go on.


Thank you so much! 76 years old, will follow up with photo, not sure if significant other. Been there around 20 years. No one in family has gotten reply to email in about a year. Has always done her own thing, we don’t want to hassle her, just want to know she’s ok. Could be Andrea or Andy, Nicklas or long-ago married name France. Don’t have phone for her. One sighting East End but we’re not sure she lived there.

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