Need a home to rent

Hey! I am new to this forum! Was hoping to get some info on Roatan as I sit in on some topics. Also thought I might be able to get ideas on how to rent a home for 1 month June of 2020. It is my retirement wish to look around Roatan at that time as I fell in love with it several years ago on a mini vacation. My husband and I would need a 4 bedroom place (for the month) as we would like family to join the fun. I’ve just started to look at vacation rentals, all over the price map. Any ideas?


Hello and welcome to the forum.

  1. How is the search? Have you found something?
  2. what sort of activities are you interested in doing while your on Roatan?
  3. do you prefer to be away from densely populated areas or is it important for you to be nearby the action?

Hi Mia,
Welcome to the Forum. Give us some specifics. We have the number of bedrooms and length of time. Research locations and the price point you are comfortable with.If you want to walk to restaurants, The ambiance of the location you stay ( think city or seclusion) Everyones experience is different so ask many questions so you can get a ‘feel’ for each area you are thinking about staying. We do have a 2 bdrm, 2 bath vacation home on the beach but it does not fit your 4 bedroom ‘want list’


Airbnb: Vista+Turquesa + Cabana

Boris @Tanya

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