Aging and Diving. How Old is too Old?

Make an informed decision about Diving with Age.

A 72-year-old woman died on our beloved island of Roatan today. And while we don’t have all the details, we know she was experienced, loved, and passionate about diving.

As soon as I learned about the story, I started to consider the impact aging has on our diving carriers. It is an important consideration especially in the knowledge that we’re living longer than the average life expectancy in 1935, which was 65 years of age back then.

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What a sad situation for Roatan today. Diving conditions were reportedly nice for the south side where the incident occurred. The 72 year regular and experienced scuba diver apparently had a situation she could not overcome and drop in her buoyancy below the allowable 130 ft and was she was not able to be rescued.

This is the best news I could gather. If anyone knows more or can correct the record, please do so. My deepest sympathy.