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My husband and I are considering Roatan as our place of retirement. We have visited several times and love it. We have our own plane and would like to know if anyone could point us to the right place to get information on rather hangers are offered at the airport, fees and fuel. We recently came from Belize and learned a private plane cannot be kept on the island at all.




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What kind of aircraft do you own?

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I´m not an aeronautical person but I´ll offer my best uninformed response. There are no airplane hangers on Roatan that I am aware of, only tie-downs at the airport. I would check with the airport authorities as to what is offered there or check with other private pilots that operate out of Roatan.



Good Day @3DFamily,
Unfortunately there are no hangars on our Airport and parking fees do apply. If you wish you can send me an Email at and we will send you our current Airport fees and Fuel prices.



Thank you for the info. I will have my husband (Brian) who is the pilot e-mail you separately.



Hi, long ago i had a C-172 and an Aerocommander 560E at the Roatan airport. After a long battle with Interairports and the goverment, I simply gave up. Unfortunately, Honduras is NOT GA friendly. They will come down on you hard for inspections, permits and ongoing harassment. Interairport will charge you the highest rates in the world for parking, no tradicional tie down, just a spot on the ramp and No avgas. You will have to fly out if the country very often, back then, you only got a 10 day permit. I would seriously do intense due diligence before you get yourself into a frustrating situation. There are still some of us around that can tell you horror stories. Dr. Patrick, Eric Anderson etc. DON’T DO IT MAN…

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Oh wow. Hate to hear what you had to endure. Thanks for the insight. We appreciate it.

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@rasxpress - thank you for contributing a respectfully, candid, and opposing point of view. It’s too bad you had to experience that.

Sounds like a proper due diligence is an order.

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I am in the airline business. Please send me your telephone number and I will call you and give some insight of how you can bring your aircraft to Roatan and take advantage of it. Best regards.

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