Steps needed to move to Roatan?


Me and my wife are looking to move to island sometime early 2020. What are the first steps that need to be taken? How do I gain residency? Any leads on a good representation lawyer in Roatan? Also, how quickly can one land a job? I have experience in personal training and my wife works in real estate. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the help!


If you need a real estate agent Matt and Margo Halliday are excellent.

For a lawyer one of the best is:
Italo G. Tugliani, Jr.
Tugliani & Tugliani
Centro de Negocios Lawson Rock
Km. 12.5 Carretera Sandy Bay
Roatán, Islas de la Bahía, Honduras
Tel/Fax + (504) 2445-3227
Movil + (504) 9992-2106

His brother Alejandro is doing our residency.

I would also checkout these Facebook Groups.
EXPATS Living in Roatan
Roatan Discussion Group
Expats in Roatan
Canadians on Roatan it is OK if your American as it seems when Americans travel outside of the USA and particularly in Europe and Asia they lie when asked where there from because they do not want to be ridiculed.

For you, I would do more research. Most people become an independent contractor, in other words start their own business. I saw a post from the Re-max broker that he is looking for good agents. Checkout the Facebook pages and post your questions.

We retired here permanently in February. We built a triplex on the beach in Sandy Bay with each unit consisting of two bedrooms and two baths with a full kitchen, dining room and living room. We will live in one unit and AirBnB the other two units. Each unit is about 1,000 sq. ft.

We are applying for a Pension residency.

Checkout these links for residency information:

Here’s is some possibly redundant information (as of Sept 2014) from the Facebook page of Roatan Lawyers) :


90 day Tourist Visa + 30 day extension = 120 days, costs $125 plus your passport with a valid Immigration Slip. Takes about 5-7 days

Residency Categories

o Permanent Monthly Income of at least $2500 or more a month (Rentista)
o Permanent Monthly Pension of at least $1500 or more a month (Pensionado) o Married to a Honduran Citizen
o Grandparents, parents or brother of a Honduran Citizen
o Work Permit
o Business Owners
o More than 5 years living as a Legal Resident in Honduras (Inmigrado)
o Economical Dependents

Residency Costs & Time Frame

Minimum expense of $1800. Prices vary according to residency type.
Can take anywhere from 3-6 months. Depends on receiving the complete and required documentation.

Getting Started

Provide a copy or scan of the passport page containing picture and personal information.
Sign a Power of Attorney
Provide a Honduran address and phone number
4 Passport Size Photos
Apostilled or Authenticated Criminal Records from place of birth AND if different, last place of residency*
Honduran Medical Certificate

Requirements by Category

Permanent Monthly Income of at least $2500 or more a month (Rentista) Duly Authenticated or Apostilled letter evidencing the income*
Honduran Bank Account
Deposit every month the income in your Honduran Bank Account

Permanent Monthly Pension of at least $1500 or more a month (Pensionado) Duly Authenticated or Apostilled letter evidencing the pension*
Honduran Bank Account
Deposit every month the pension in your Honduran Bank Account

Note: Not allowed to work in Honduras with Rentista or Pensionado types of Residency

Married to a Honduran Citizen / Honduran Marriage Certificate

Spouse’s Honduran Birth Certificate Copy of Spouse’s Honduran Id Card

Grandparents, parents or brother of a Honduran Citizen Honduran Birth Certificate’s that proves the relationship

Work Permit
A legally established Honduran Business must: Sponsor your work permit
Provide the required corporate documents Comply with Honduran Labor Laws
Obtain Id Card from the Ministry of Labor

Business Owner
Be the owner of a fully functioning Honduran Corporation. Director and shareholder.
Provide corporate documents. Or incorporate a Honduran entity.
This service is provided separately. Request cost detail for incorporation and licensing of an eligible corporation.
Business license
Initial financial statement

Permanent Resident: More than 5 years living as a Legal Resident in Honduras (Immigrate) Copy of your Residency Resolution
Copy of your Residency Registration
Copy of your Residency ID card

Applicable to all categories for Economical Dependents. (Spouse and children) Apostilled or duly authenticated Marriage Certificate and Spouse’s Police Record. Apostilled or duly authenticated* Birth Certificate, children under 21.*
Bank Statement that reflects you can support the economical dependent(s).


Really good information from @Good_Day. Although I have to chime in about the Americans lying about where they are from. I’ve traveled all over the world and have never lied about being an American. I’ve never had a problem and certainly did not feel the slightest bit of tension in Roatan as an American.

I have no idea where this comment came from but I know many American expats who have also traveled the world - lying about being American is definitely not a thing.


A++ Thank you for the detailed resource. An excellent contribution for anyone moving to Roatan.

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Thanks for the info Good Day…

Q. Under ‘residency categories’ I don’t see " Investor" ? I hope and thought that if you buy real estate/land for at least $50k you will qualify for an ‘Investor Residency’ ?

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My wife and I are looking at southern countries for retirement in few years. We have been to and explored Belize, but want more beaches so we are looking at Roatan.

The info above is awesome. Any other tips or info would be greatly appreciated.

We can’t wait until travel reopens to get down there!!