Recreational Activities

I like to stay active and know there are several things to do on the island such as diving, fishing, swimming, and playing golf. But what about other recreational activities that people participate in? Do folks play tennis, racketball, soccer, softball, beach volleyball, cycling, hiking? And what about less active recreation such as pool leagues, darts, horse shoes, corn hole? What kind of clubs do people participate in? Are there any photography clubs, bridge clubs, gourmet dinner clubs? I know the island life is meant for relaxing but just thought I’d ask. Thanks.


Hello @Bkjacobs

There are many activities to do on Roatan. I’ll share a link to the topic that the community has previously discussed: Roatan Annual Events.

Also, you can check our website to see things to do and the annual events on the island:

You can find extreme sports on the island as well, such as mud racing, Go-karts tours on mudding pits, ATV jungle tours, hiking on Camp Bay, Kitesurfing, and more. There is also a Golf Club and Tennis courts at Pristin Bay Resort, you can also play volleyball on the beach in this resort.

Roatan also has an association to promote sports in the community called Bay Islands Sports Association, as well as the Bay Islands Beach Volleyball Association that helps young people in the community to develop their skills and capabilities where you can participate as a volunteer to teach young people to play volleyball and providing knowledge about health issues and nutrition. You can find them on FB with those names.


A number of the things you mentioned are not here.

You should visit for a period of time. Remember this is not a first world country.

We are having second thoughts about moving here.

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Thanks for the feedback. Wasn’t sure if any expats might have organized any clubs or other types of activities outside the typical island activities.

Seeing that the main road is rather narrow and speed limits do not seem to be a requirement, I imagine you take your life in your hands if you were to try cycling on these roads?

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Hi @Bkjacobs

Like all land transport, you always have to be careful with the roads, but cycling and motorcycling will always be risky. however, many locals use this transportation in Roatan. There are tours within the island with bicycle, ATVs, go-karts. As for long distances, it is not advisable to use this type of transport for your own safety and especially if you are not a person who practices cycling a lot. We must be careful with any transport we use.

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