Travel tips for first time visitors

We are looking to visit Roatan for a few weeks to see if it would be a good fit for permanent residence. We have never visited before but have seen/read many good reviews of the island.

Any tips on where to stay, places to visit would be awesome. Also, any tips for expats would also be great(real estate, visa, etc.).

Thank you!!!

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Welcome to our community @PNWEXPLORERS

Have you checked the previous threads? I’ll leave some links to our website with useful information and some threads that might help you. As for your question of places to visit, there a plenty of them as well as things to do, which you can find on these links:

Here are some threads about residence and the process of moving to the island:

We met a real estate agent, Marci Wiersma, who has lived with her children on the island for 20+ years. She has not only found our retirement home, but has been able to advice us on other aspects of living on Roatan.
My advice is find a long time resident and real estate agent to help you in all things Roatan.