Resorts and Hotels All Inclusive



Hello everyone, was wondering is there any other resorts and hotels on Roatan with all inclusive packages? Or is it just Fantasy Island that does all inclusive? Thanks Kind Regards


Hello @ROATANANGLERS and thank you for posting your question.

To my knowledge, there are a few others and this is certainly true if you include resorts who sell packages which include continental breakfast, some activities, and also room and board.

Anthony’s Key Resort comes to mind as an all inclusive business model. The @Reef.House includes meals as well in some of their lodging and scuba packages.


Hi. Jonesville Point Marina will customize a package with your needs.


Yes… most of our guests choose to get all their meals with us as well as airport transport, rooms and often diving as well :slight_smile:


Most resorts on Roatan have a certain degree of “inclusivity.”

@ROATANANGLERS - Define “All Inclusive”


Turquoise Bay and subway water sports have an all inclusive stay/ eat/ dive package.