G's Place (Roatan Business Resort)

##Accommodations for Roatan’s Business Traveler.

Doing Business in Roatan
Business travelers have a place to stay in Roatan. G’s Place is perfect in that it has a high-quality standard while also being gentle on corporate budgets. Let us know if we help you do business in Roatan.

Learn more about G’s Place [HERE]


Nice to see a local operation catering to the business community. Does your hotel offer pick ups and drop offs to the airport?

All the best and welcome to the community.

My family and will be in Roatan in December…coming in on a Cruise. If you have a restaurant nearby, maybe we’ll check it out.

Welcome to the community.

Hi… sorry for the delay. Yes that will be awesome. We are near a tourist
attraction which I’m sure you will visit. We are next to the Roatan sign in
Pensacola next to Petrosun has station. If there is anything I may assist
you, it would be my pleasure and the k you for your warm welcome.

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Hello Deep Thinker,

Sorry for the delay but yes we offer services that can transport you
from the airport to the hotel. Thank you for your support.


Excellent. Thank you for the response. One more question, does your resort have a relationship with a local dive shop? If so, we do your guest dive with if and when they decide to SCUBA during a business trip?