Reviews requested for Roatan Tourbase Tour Company

Can anyone offer their review or thoughts on the tour company Roatan tourbase? I cannot find any reviews online and just want to hear about the experiences of those who have experienced a tour from this company. I want to be sure that the company is reliable and worthwhile. Thank you in advance.

You don’t need to book in Tourbase when you can just book one of us.

My name is Josue Elias Mejia, I have been on the island since I was 7 years old and I am 38 years old now so we know everything about Roatan tours and activities. Google search us as LET’S GO ROATAN TOURS

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I’ve not heard of “Roatan Tourbase” but I do know of Josue Elias Mejia at Let’s Go Roatan Tours and always with great reviews! You will be happy you worked with him!

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I completely agree with that. Don’t book tour , message to Josue Elias Mejia and u will be happy) they will make a nice tour for u