Roatan Taxi Rates



Roatan Taxi Service Rates

The above InforGraph is AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD on our website.

The above are the published rates by the Mahogany Bay Taxi Association. We’ve made these rates available on our Online Community Site for the benefit of tourist traveling to Roatan, Honduras. Should you need the file in another format, please let us know and we’ll be happy to share with you what we have.



Not sure if the Taxi’s actually honor these rates…but it sure may keep them honest. Thanks for sharing.


Rates are reasonably but not enforceable. Ok to use as a solid baseline.



We have added a rate sheet for Roatan Taxi Tariffs. The rates are based on the published union rates and also rates reported by our traveling guest. Our aim is to update these rates over time and as more data points are created. Over time, we hope to have the most reliable data source around. Further, our aim is to add more routes to the table. Stay tuned and don’t hesitate in letting us know if a certain rate looks to be out of line.

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Consider a “DOWNLOADABLE” version of the table. This may make for a nice “print & pack” piece of information for incoming travelers.


Thank you for the feedback. The mobile versions of the table are designed to collapse and reposition information which is readable on mobile. We’re hoping that instead of “printing and packing” that users will either screen shot the routes of interest or they will access the data through a live WiFi connection.


The rates are slightly higher than the “going rate” but it’s probably a good thing to manage tourist expectations. Let’s them come prepared to pay a fair wage. Our local taxi operators are constantly beat on for a lower rate and they often operate at a loss and almost always operate below the poverty line. With these rates taxi operators are more incentivized to offer a better customer experience.


New updates will be added to these rates soon.


How are those updates coming along?



We have updated our Taxi rate sheet to include “ranges.” As many of you know, getting an exact taxi rate from point A to point B on Roatan varies from Taxi driver to time of day and to types of days…is there or is there not a cruise ship on the island?

For this reason, we’ve replaced exact rates with estimates based on an appropriate range.

We’ve kept the three column layout to account for Published Association Rates, Negotiated Rates, and Car Pool Rates.

We hope you enjoy. You can access our new Taxi Rate Sheet here:


Excellent work with the new Taxi Rates. Thank you for doing this.


Thank you. We referenced these recently and found them to be accurate. Well done.