Taxi instead of private van

Good morning. We travel to Roatan 3-4 times a year. We’ve always used a shuttle van to get to our destination in West Bay. I’d like to try a taxi service so we don’t have to wait for others to clear customs. Is it recommended as far as safety and rates go? I’ve read extensively all the helpful info on this site & am aware of the rates. I just want to make an informed decision based on the locals knowledge and suggestions. Any feedback greatly appreciated!

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If you book a taxi service through our link, you can be sure our taxi drivers have been vetted and we know them by name. Here is the link:

If you take a taxi from the airport to west bay or anywhere I suggest you wheel your luggage to the street and hail one on the curb…not inside the airport. The price difference is amazingly cheaper this way. Take a cab with a taxi number on it…not a rogue car. Request your fare to be $10…dont get in without negotiating.