Solar for our new Home

We have purchased a home in Roatan in December 2019 and have not been able to come due to Covid.

So we put in our own Solar for our home here in California, and want to do the same in Roatan. With all the time on our hands. Here in the states you can order all the parts and do it yourself with instructions via YOUTUBE. And a smart husband!!! One person over a year ago posted about having solar and not relying on RECO. Would like some knowledge on your installing Solar on your home in Roatan. Looking for places to buy inverters, combiner box, control box, automictic transfer switch, batteries, and Solar panel’s. We can bring somethings via suitcase, but something will not fit!
Thank you for your help.
Tracy and John


Hi @tracylovesjohn1

Here is a topic regarding solar panels that the community previously discussed, which you might find useful:


Thank you for the information.


There are several options of businesses dedicated to solar and wind energy, that can quote the whole investment. Vegas electric is one of them.