Spirituality for Community/Yoga and Labyrinth

Kundalini Yoga and Spiritual Journey
You have a very unique opportunity to experience a combination of yoga and a spiritual journey through labyrinth this Sunday, 12th of March at Paya Bay yoga Pavillion. The Yoga will be led by Tatiana Rozsypalova from www.diamondvitalityresort.com and the Labyrinth work will be done by Susie Leiper who also organises a workshop on Labyrinth later on this month. This will be an amazing, fun and submerging experience for all of us. Price is a donation and we do appreciate generous donation towards the community of Diamond Rock and the program “Diamond Kids Rooock”. By supporting your wellbeing you are helping the community :D.

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…The photo is spectacular.

I’ll bit, what is heaven’s name is the Labyrinth all about? - just curious.

As I read blogs and websites about Roatan and as I visit the various FB groups related to the island, I’ve picked up on a common theme, namely that Yoga is very much a part of the lives of many living on Roatan. Good for you.