Square foot cost to buid

Hello Roataners

Can anyone tell me what the current average (or approximate) cost per square foot is to build a home on Roatan?

Many thanks for any responses


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I think the cost of building new can vary between 120-170 per square foot. The cost of wood has gone up. Labor is lower cost but ex-pats need to check with different contractors. Stef

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I will start by asking you more questions to narrow the pricing to more of a what you want and what you can afford. (this is without the lot cost questions) wood frame vs concrete structure? one or two story? I had property there (for 18 years) but sold a few years back. I have a realtor that I have used, and she is a local. She built her own home not too many years ago and she would be a great asset to have as someone to help with ALL your questions throughout your process
good luck

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