Hey everyone. New to this forum.

My family and I will be in Roatan on Tuesday, November 6 (2018) while on a cruise vacation and we’re looking to help out the local community. We are traveling with another family who is also interested in volunteering that day. Altogether, there would be 5 adults and 4 children (ages 11-15).

Any ideas on what activities or opportunities that are available to participate in?



Hello @BKinWhitby,

Do you have an idea of how many hours you’ll have to spare while on Roatan? This might help pair you up with the right volunteer opportunity.

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The ship is docked from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. We’ll want to look around a bit and have to be back on the boat by 5:00 PM. I’d say we’d have about 4 hours to commit to volunteering.


I’m sure Sol Foundation in Sandy Bay would love to have you. Contact Kirsty Doig on FB. https://www.facebook.com/groups/84567264368/


Thanks, drummer. I am now in contact with Kirsty.


The Abundant Life Foundation is one of Roatans top charities and they are operated by a talent group, same group that operates Grand Roatan Resort.

If you care to give of your time, you won’t regret doing so with the Abundant Life Foundation.

WEBSITE: http://abundantlifefoundation.org/