Alcoholics Anonymous Roatan




We are interested in creating a section on our website for AA Meetings and schedules so that local and travelers to Roatan can know where the AA meetings in Roatan occur. If you know of a reliable resource for this information, please contact us.




The meetings occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and again on Saturdays. The meetings take place in Sandy Bay (Sand Castle Library) from 12:30 pm to 6 pm. On Tuesday, the meeting starts at 7 pm and the meeting takes place in Mt. Pleasant, at Jackson Plaza.


Thanks for sharing this info @Barracuda


My name is Chad and I will be coming down August 25-September 1st
This will be my first time to Roatan and I will be staying at Anthonys key resort
Im want ing to find meetings and a connection while therefor meetings and fellowship.
I have FaceTime and also WhatsApp, my number is 979-308-8160, e-mail is
thank you


My husband and I won’t be coming until February but can we take a public bus from anywhere near Half Moon bay to the meeting in Sandy Bay?


@Charisse_Paige Yes, Sandy Bay is nearby Halfmoon Bay. You should be able to take a short cab ride…you’ll be charged on or about L.50 to L.100 for the trip.


Hi folks I am visiting for the week of Christmas… be staying at fantasy island…like to hit a meeting while I am there. Are there any close to the area I will be in? And the real question will they be held that week with the holiday season and all?


Hmmm no replies yet? But see someone did “like” it … Is there a link or list of meetings somewhere? Don’t quite understand the previous post about where abouts and times… no pressure I have been sober awhile just want to check out a meeting while there…


Did anyone make it to a meeting yet that can respond? I never heard of a meeting lasting so long. Heading down in February and really want to connect.


I found this online and will be emailing them today. Good luck!

“We do have an active AA here on the island for those who wish to catch a meeting or two on the island when they are here. It is always a good thing to know there is a helping hand if you need it. AA Meetings –”


Hello everyone,
Hope everyone is having a great day!

I spoke with the person in charge and very kindly he sent me the meeting schedules.
Hope this information answers all your questions.


7:00pm–BigBook /12&12 Study
Mount Pleasant Meeting Room (ReMax Office at Jackson Plaza)


12:00 noon – Women’s Discussion Meeting
Sandy Bay Meeting Room (Sand Castle Library – Rm #10)


6:30 pm – Discussion Meeting
Sandy Bay Meeting Room (Sand Castle Library – Rm #10)

If you need more information here are some numbers you can call: :

  • 9897-3848
  • 9991-3215
  • 9714-7602
  • 9672-8208
  • 3377-6303