Alcoholics Anonymous Roatan




We are interested in creating a section on our website for AA Meetings and schedules so that local and travelers to Roatan can know where the AA meetings in Roatan occur. If you know of a reliable resource for this information, please contact us.




The meetings occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and again on Saturdays. The meetings take place in Sandy Bay (Sand Castle Library) from 12:30 pm to 6 pm. On Tuesday, the meeting starts at 7 pm and the meeting takes place in Mt. Pleasant, at Jackson Plaza.


Thanks for sharing this info @Barracuda


My name is Chad and I will be coming down August 25-September 1st
This will be my first time to Roatan and I will be staying at Anthonys key resort
Im want ing to find meetings and a connection while therefor meetings and fellowship.
I have FaceTime and also WhatsApp, my number is 979-308-8160, e-mail is
thank you


My husband and I won’t be coming until February but can we take a public bus from anywhere near Half Moon bay to the meeting in Sandy Bay?


@Charisse_Paige Yes, Sandy Bay is nearby Halfmoon Bay. You should be able to take a short cab ride…you’ll be charged on or about L.50 to L.100 for the trip.


Hi folks I am visiting for the week of Christmas… be staying at fantasy island…like to hit a meeting while I am there. Are there any close to the area I will be in? And the real question will they be held that week with the holiday season and all?


Hmmm no replies yet? But see someone did “like” it … Is there a link or list of meetings somewhere? Don’t quite understand the previous post about where abouts and times… no pressure I have been sober awhile just want to check out a meeting while there…


Did anyone make it to a meeting yet that can respond? I never heard of a meeting lasting so long. Heading down in February and really want to connect.


I found this online and will be emailing them today. Good luck!

“We do have an active AA here on the island for those who wish to catch a meeting or two on the island when they are here. It is always a good thing to know there is a helping hand if you need it. AA Meetings –”


Hello everyone,
Hope everyone is having a great day!

I spoke with the person in charge and very kindly he sent me the meeting schedules.
Hope this information answers all your questions.


7:00pm–BigBook /12&12 Study
Mount Pleasant Meeting Room (ReMax Office at Jackson Plaza)


12:00 noon – Women’s Discussion Meeting
Sandy Bay Meeting Room (Sand Castle Library – Rm #10)


6:30 pm – Discussion Meeting
Sandy Bay Meeting Room (Sand Castle Library – Rm #10)

If you need more information here are some numbers you can call: :

  • 9897-3848
  • 9991-3215
  • 9714-7602
  • 9672-8208
  • 3377-6303



Thank you, Loaroa. Someone had mentioned a Saturday meeting, earlier in these postings. I’ve sent an email to double check and see if there is a meeting on Saturday. I also wonder if there are water taxis from West Bay to Sandy Bay…


you’re welcome!

To answer your question about water taxis, I’m sure you can find someone who takes you from West Bay to Sandy Bay but its probably not ideal. What I would suggest is: take a water taxi from West Bay to West End which is going to be $3.00 then you can either take a taxi to Sandy Bay (please check the taxi rates) or you can take the bus which is around 25lps to get there.
To return to West Bay late afternoon take a regular taxi for Sandy Bay to West Bay.

have they answered the email already?


Hello again. Thank you for following up, it’s most appreciated! Yes they did get back to me, just as you said, two meetings on Thursday and one on Tuesday. As for taking water taxis, got no problem with that at all. But I recall it getting dark in Roatan pretty early. Call me a scardy-cat, I know Roatan is safe, but will probably just stick with the daytime meeting…There are always online meetings as well. I’ve got a few 24 hours in me, so not that concerned, but I do like to stay connected whenever possible…And it’s always nice to meet fellow “peeps” in other locations. Cheers for now.


Thank you @MasterMomma - good intel. The email will help others get straight to the source.


Meetings update
Tuesday 6pm Jackson Center in French Harbour
Thursday 12 Noon SandCastle Library Sandy Bay ladies meetings
Thursday 6pm SandCastle Library in Sandy Bay Open