Wedding officiator


Can anyone reccomend a person to officiate our wedding on Nov 20th in the evening? An old salty sea captain perhaps. Not a religious ceremony just a fun exchange of vows. Please let me know if anyone comes to mind.

Much thanks



…is this for a real wedding? (No disrespect)

If so consider a real pastor. There are a few on Roatan who are not “religious” and do understand the sanctity and covenant of the union you are embarking on.


Hello @tayana54 and welcome to the forum.

@Rico_Raspaldo is with @LovinRoatan2019 and he is an excellent weddings coordinator and will know the local talent available for this. If there is a salty captain, he will connect you to him.

If you do decide to pursue a wedding officiated by a theist, Travis Morin from RChurch, is a very able pastor. Not sure if he would be willing to step into the shoes of a “salty captain,” but I wanted you to have the name of spiritual líder on Roatan in case you decide you may needed one.

Best of luck in your wedding ceremony.

@CaribbeanCowboy this may be your chance to shine!

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@tayana54 Have you written your vows yourself? - if so, do share…May shed insight into what we may be up against!

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Good morning. My name is Rico Raspaldo, CEO from LovinRoatanWedding, We would like to help you for your wedding. You can write at Don’t hesitate to contact us!!

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Yes it’s a “real” wedding lol. Simply looking for someone that can officiate. We are writing our own vows.



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