Looking to hire a band for a wedding

Wedding on Nov 20th. Any suggestions for a musician/ band?


Hello @tayana54,
What follows is a soft schedule of Roatan’s Live Music scene. You may look through it to see who are the popular bands.


The Bahia Band is a great option for wedding events.

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Tommy Morris is a solo guitar player but has played for weddings here. He knows how to accommodate the guests with various music styles and his songlist is impressive.

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@tayana54 - you should also add Dawn Summers (@SummerDawn) to your list of potential candidates. She has a wide range of songs, performs routinely at the Grand Roatan, and sports a sparkling mic!

See for yourself:

Here is the link to her Instagram page:

Thank you! You can email me at Dawn@DawnPowers.com
I also do Facebook Live Streams from my shows every Friday if you want to check out my music. I cover every genre www.Facebook.com/SummerDawnMusic

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West Bay Players are awesome if you like rock.

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Second on Tommy Morris

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