Will be there Feb 11-15, 2021

Our family of four will be there for a long weekend. We have some dives planned but not much else. A week ago, it looked like it was going to be thunderstorms the entire time we are there. But now the forecast looks good.
I imagine that, like most places, some businesses have closed up, others have limited hours. Any tips for what’s currently open or not?
Thanks in advance! Looking forward to our first visit!


Hi @send2steph

Government decided to extend the curfew until March 7th, from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am. Due to the lack of tourists, places that highly depend on tourism are closed. Bars and discos are forbidden to operate but there are restaurants, dive shops, recreational places that are open during the day. Gumbalimba Park, Little French Key for example, with prior reservation. Feel free to visit our dive shop in the following link https://scuba.shop/
we have scuba + lfk packages.

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Have you heard any information about when the residents of Roatan will start receiving their Covid vaccines?

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Hi @janetuckerpatterson

The government has not yet confirmed the date to vaccinate the population. The vaccines donated by Israel have been used for front-line personnel.