Bay Islands and retirement

My wife and I are looking over the Caribbean planning for retirement and will be looking to vacation in the bay islands next summer or spring.

We’re considering the islands and would like residents opinions. Which island would you settle on and why? What’s crime like compared to the mainland? Mosquitoes, which island and areas have the least bloodsucking? And can foreigners own firearms there?

We’re social athletic and active types but can live isolated or in a town and I have a super talented hairstylist wife that may want to continue to hair when we relocate. Is there a need for the service on any of the islands?


Hello Bob,

I won’t attempt to answer all your question in one sitting, but I’ll do what I can to welcome you and to provide you with a general response.

  1. Roatan is a strong choice if you’ve never lived on an island. It has the medical offerings and it is further along in infrastructure. Roatan also offers the most variety in terrain, restaurants, activities, and as you know it holds the only international airport. You can choose to live far away from people on Roatan’s east end, and or you can live right in the think of things. You can live large…or on a budget.

  2. The south side of Roatan has less of sandfly issue. This is due to two reasons…it is the windward side of the island and it has less sand, which is where these bugs grow.

  3. I don’t know if foreigners can own guns…good question!

  4. Your wife can cut hair anywhere…but there is more density in town in and around Roatan to build a larger customer base.

I hope this helps.

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