Pro's and Con's suggestions on where to live as semi-retired, part maybe full time expats

Hi all, this has probably been asked before, if anyone knows of a thread about this topic please let me know.

I used to own at Sundancer. Sold 17 years ago. Kid’s are not all high/school and college age. I bet you can guess why we sold 17 years ago :slight_smile:

Anyway, I know Sandy Bay, West End, West Bay a bit. We visited 3-4 years ago… OMG West Bay!!!

So… any thoughts on a good place to buy that we could eco-rent and spend a, hopefully, increasing amount of time at as the kids move out?

My wife is very extroverted, so we are not considering something very remote. We snorkel, and dive or course :slight_smile: But something in the hills or up on a bight away from sand fleas, but with convenient water access would be nice.

Any suggestions from anyone who bought recently, or has lived there for years?

Thanks all,

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Welcome to our community @sundancer

I’ll leave an article about popular places on the island that might help you make a decision:

This article gives you a lot of information about the places like things to do and its surroundings.

Also, here’s a thread discussed by the community

Thank you. Great article, being a former owner on island, I am familiar with most of it but it was still helpful to catch back up. I guess I"m looking for more specific information. Like… (just making this up)… the “north side of Gibson Bight is nicer than the other side because… sand fleas” … etc. “The hills above West End are more convenient and quieter than the ones above WestBay” … that kind of inside information from people living there now…

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