Boat Captain Jobs?

I spent several months on Roatan while in the Army back in the early 90’s and would love to get back. Considering buying a place there in a few years when I retire. Would love to continue working part time and wondering if there is a need for USCG Boat Captains in the Bay Islands? I have experience doing dive and fishing charters here in Hawaii. I assume I’d have to get some type of work visa? Does anyone know if one is required to apply for a Honduran version of the USCG Master’s License to charter boats?


Unless you start your own charter business they prefer to hire locals that know the reef. As far as getting your Captains license here it requires residency and a trip to the port captain to get a form, go to the bank and pay about $5 and bring the form back. Done! That also explains why many people driving boats here drive like maniacs and don’t follow the rules of the road. I have my uscg captains license as well and unless you’re on a us flagged boat it won’t matter.


As an operator, I will echo @City_Dogs_Sailing. Local captains are the mainstream and HN does not offer a work visa. I would say your skill could be quite useful in being a rotating relief captain once you know the waters around the island. Many times it is difficult to find relief captains when a staffed captain goes on vacation. Good luck in your search and let us know when you land on the island!