Jobs for expats

Alright, I’ve been doing lots of research on moving to Roatan. I’m sick and tired of the constant rat race here in the US, so I’m trying to get more serious about making a move. I have a wife and two kids (girl’s 8 and 6, my motivation for moving is mostly to enjoy the life of island time with them). However I will still need to work to make a living, but through my research it seems like my job skills are a little different than most I’ve seen that have made the move. I have 20 years as a truck driver which I imagine on an island of this size is pretty much non existent. I’ve also been a vehicle / truck / heavy equipment mechanic, vehicle modification /fabricator / welder for about the same amount of time. Also have reasonable skills in heavy equipment operation.

So my question here is, would someone with my skills be able to find a job on the island? I see that most jobs are in the service industry (hotels, restaurants, bars, and ocean activities), I’m not above learning new skills and changing profession’s, I’m just not sure on how easily that would be to do or if people are willing to train someone. I would love to spend my time working some local beach bar, making money while having fun, living the dream, but I also know I need to be realistic.

Just thought I would ask for the opinions of folks here, I swear every day that I live this ridiculous rat race in the US I feel like I die a little inside (my wife and I both literally have such bad anxiety towards dealing with the such awful people most Americans have become that we rarely ever do anything or go anywhere anymore). In my younger days I had the pleasure of spending a year of my life on island time, and every day of my life since has been spent missing that, and I want to show my family how great it is.

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Theres alot of costruction on the Island, there are trucks. Theres propane delivery - trucks. Water - trucks.
Taking jobs away from locals isnt preferred.
I wonder with your experience if you could be a/the manager - rather the driver.

Dont give up.

I’m sure you could probably work as mechanic here. Just not sure you could support a family unless you have a paid for home and other assets. Pay is very low here.
That being said, all things are possible if you want it bad enough.

I agree that a non-resident/citizen would be hard pressed to get a job driving a construction vehicle or other trucking jobs. Plus the pay would be nominal as it is for all workers here. If you switched careers… while you may be able to bartend or even serve as a mechanic…the percentage of your salary drop could make it difficult to maintain a home and family.

My husband and I are also American Expats on Roatan. From what we see, your skills are actually
badly needed on the Island. The problem may lie in not changing your skillset but in changing any
expections on adequate payment for those skills.

However, you can indeed live on a lot less on this Island than in the U.S. We hope you come and if you do, contact us.

You can possibly supplement your income here with real estate, depending on what type property you buy. Feel free to drop me a note if I can help

I retired and moved here for the same reasons you stated. If you haven’t, get on Facebook “ask anything Roatan”. Lots of info and expats that might help. Good luck. Hope to see you on the island one day.

Having experience with living on an island in my younger days I do have some experience with what to expect and the lower wage is absolutely fine, if not welcome. What I mean is I’m a car guy, so here in the US, I spend a ton of money on building and maintaining vehicles, always running and getting parts, things like that. Living in a place like this I wouldn’t have to worry about that stuff anymore, just work, and enjoy family time. So in my mind it’s not a big deal to make less as long as the family is fed, clothed, have a house, and just enough extra to get to the water to have fun.

I’m doing a lot of in depth research right now, my wife and I are getting very serious but I have a lot of “logistics” to figure out, again I’m a car guy and have no less than 14 vehicles including multiple big trucks, tractors, and tons of parts that have to be sold, not to mention the regular things like house, ect. So we are getting very serious, are trying to get out ducks in a row so we will know when we can make a visit to the island and check things out. Thanks for the offer, if we come down there I will contact you.

I get you man its crazy in the US but they dont pay good out there. Like $500 a month :cry: right now im learning new skills like web design/python scripting. So i can get a job in that i can work from home . That way i can go ti Honduras for a while and still make bank. Or maybe join a call center and take it home. Thats what im doing .