Boat Captain Jobs?


I spent several months on Roatan while in the Army back in the early 90’s and would love to get back. Considering buying a place there in a few years when I retire. Would love to continue working part time and wondering if there is a need for USCG Boat Captains in the Bay Islands? I have experience doing dive and fishing charters here in Hawaii. I assume I’d have to get some type of work visa? Does anyone know if one is required to apply for a Honduran version of the USCG Master’s License to charter boats?

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Unless you start your own charter business they prefer to hire locals that know the reef. As far as getting your Captains license here it requires residency and a trip to the port captain to get a form, go to the bank and pay about $5 and bring the form back. Done! That also explains why many people driving boats here drive like maniacs and don’t follow the rules of the road. I have my uscg captains license as well and unless you’re on a us flagged boat it won’t matter.

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