Bug life in the hills

I understand that there are issues with sand fleas and mosquitos near the beach. Can anyone describe what it is like further inland? What other insects are a problem? What times of the year are worse than others? Thanks.

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Here is a thread from our community forum where Sand Flies are discussed:

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Thanks. I am a little more curious about the areas away from the beach and up the hills. I noticed that many of the homes for sale do not have screens. No screens on windows, no screened porches. Do the trade winds keep the flying insect population down? I currently reside in the southeastern US where bugs are a huge issue. All our windows have screens, and screened doors. If not we would have all manner of bug life in our home. I am trying to determine if the no screens are indicative of a lower insect problem or that folks just live with insects flying through the house?


They are everywhere. Everytime we go out we spray our legs and arms. We also have cream and a pill for anti allergy reaction to the bugs here.

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We are currently buying a house on the island up on a hill in Sandy Bay so we have a nice breeze. Our house was built by Americans with a Canadian contractor. There are screens on the windows and sliding glass doors. I think it might have something to do with who built it. I also wondered about screens or the lack thereof when we were looking at houses because we too are from the SE. We actually came this week to the island to do an inspection of the house and do some other house business. The day we were there the windows (with screens) were open and I noticed some small mosquito-type bugs inside on the screens. Something else to consider is the ants. They seem to be prevalent.


Thanks for your reply. That helps a lot. We too are looking at some property around Sandy Bay/Lawson Rock. Good to know about the ants and I imagine termites might be a problem also. We will have to look into finding a good pest control company.

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Yea! Termites are chronic. We are actually meeting with an exterminator tomorrow. If I can help in any way I am happy to. I have a Gmail email and the beginning is sage103. It won’t let me put an email address in here. Let me know what questions you have.

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@Sage you should be able to PM @Bkjacobs on here. Adding email addresses is earned automatically as your usage on the forum promotes you from one trust level to another.

Thanks for your informative answers. We have been able to find a lot of valuable information on this forum. We will certainly reach out when we have more questions.

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