Buying a house - money transfer?

Hello everyone. My wife and I are coming down from the US in February looking to purchase some property. We need to sell our home in the states this spring to purchase a move in ready home in Roatan.

My question is how do I transfer the funds. I know there is no bank money transfers between the two countries. I also heard the sales are cash sales for homes and property due to no stable mortgage banking in Honduras.

I guess along the same lines how do expats transfer their retirement incomes and social security every month?


Good Morning;
My name is Larry Schlesser and I am the Owner/Broker of RE/MAX on Roatan. In regard to transferring funds, you can easily transfer funds, (after you establish a bank account here), country to country. There are no issues, we do it i our country all but daily.

Financing through banks is available only with people who are legal residents or citizens though about half of the sellers offer financing or would consider such when selling property. You may wish to view these two links which would be very helpful.


Another great source is this link where updated real estate options and community news happens the first of each month, ( a new one will go up tomorrow.

You can reach me at if you have questions or concerns or I also have a U.S. phone line that you can call if you wish we can set up a call. We have assisted many in relocation.



Thank you Larry, that was a wealth of information and answered a lot of questions.


You are very welcome. I have other like and helpful information if you wish assistance


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you can transfer funds between US banks and Honduras. you need to set up an account in Roatan, I use Davivienda and transfer once a year. As far as I could find out, a money wire transfer is the only way to get money from the US to Roatan but it will cost around $50-$100 per transaction which is why I do it once a year. My pension and social security go into my US account and then I transfer.

Larry replied to your question and he is a great resource for questions like this.

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