Coming from Belize


Hi all,
We are a husband and wife boutique resort manger team. We have been living as expats in Belize for several years and are ready to try out another destination. Could I get some suggestions on the best place to look for work? Are there local recruitment agencies for the tourism sector? Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi there,
You can place an ad on Bay Islands news network or Bay Islands travel guide on Facebook Or the job forum on this page. Also, why not send your resume into all resorts here to check out if anyone has an opening. It never hurts to ask. Good luck and welcome to the islands!


Hello, The Roatan Rum Company is advertising management position online, great spot, also there are several job listing sites on FB… hope this helps.


Hello @cheffrancis69, and welcome to the forum.

@expatlife - All good suggestions above, to be sure. The most popular facebook groups for employment are:

  1. Roatan Employment Opportunities (operated by our very own @CaribbeanCowboy).
  2. And Roatan Jobs (a newer group operated by this forum).

You may also elect to visit Roatan Jobs and post your resume there. Finally, engaging others here in this forum may slowly help you develop a working lead on what the future holds.


Yes, @expatlife - The Roatan Rum Company is looking to hire. You can learn more about their operation here:



Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Looking forward to meeting all of you.