Driving around the island

Howdy folks,
My wife and I are going to be visiting in just a few weeks, and we are renting a car while we are there. Not a 4-wheeler, so we are not planning any super-adventurous drives, but we were wonder how easy it would be to get access to beaches where we are not staying. Is there anywhere to park around the island near good beach/snorkeling areas like West Bay? Is there public beach access?
Thanks! Looking forward to the trip!


We just spent 10 days in Sandy Bay. We were going to rent a car but decided to just use the taxis. Sandy Bay to West end is $5 for two. You can grab a water taxi for two for $6 more from West End to West Bay. We chose to hire a local tour guide and he took us to many parts of the island we would never have done on our own.



Julio is the best book with him a 1 day tour of the island before you rent a car. He will show you all the best of Roatan!

He picks you up at the airport, stops for grocery shopping and brings to your Airbnb very afford, 100% professional and fluent in English and Spanish.


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